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Chinese New Year 2018


Happy new year to all celebrating since 16th February. This auspicious year 2018 in Chinese astrology is related to the Chinese zodiac animal, according to the 12-year cycle, an Earth Dog Year.

This has enabled many celebrating to look to enhance their fortune with the luck that the new year brings by entering competitions.

All seeing a green light to this being a winning year, because of its celestial stem being wù and its earthly branch being xū in addition to the zodiac animal being dog and the Earth element coupled with yang, are looking for competitions to win high value luxury items. Win A Prize Competition is a perfect example of a luxury high value prize that would be a fantastic to win this year. See the prize valued in excess of half a million pounds on the About Page.

You will identify your year and align you entries to the optimum time of day for the best chance of winning this property in the south of England according to your own sign.

Happy New Year. We wish you all the best in the competition and for the auspicious year to come.

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